No matter how many interviews you have experienced, job interviews always leave you wondering about what is the right thing to say. With every job interview, you learn how to sell yourself, your skills and your flaws. Staying calm and composed is crucial, especially when you are trying to get hired. We believe there are ways to keep you calm during stressful interviews. The more you prepare in advance, the more comfortable and confident you are in an interview. We have brought you a list of seven tips that will help you perform well during the interviews.


  1. Practice and prepare– Preparing for the typical interview questions, researching the company’s background and knowing why you would be an excellent fit for a job goes a long way. Interviewers appreciate answers that are specific, concise and highlight your skills. Your answers should include how, with your skill set, you are relevant to the position offered. Making a list of the requirements of the job and matching them to your experiences is a great idea. Once you have valuable interview experience under your belt, this will put you in a confident position to apply now.


  1. Develop a rapport with the interviewer – It is advisable to build a connection with your interviewer. Knowing about the interviewer’s background and developing a connection often increases your chances of getting hired. Interviewers tend to hire people they like and who are suitable for the organisational culture.


  1. Research the company and show what you know – Companies generally have a lot of information about their history, mission, vision, values, culture and recent successes on their official website. You must go through these and explain how you will fit perfectly into the company. Your resume can back you up with this and help you establish what you can provide to the company.


  1. Be ready well in advance – It is good to be prepared ahead of time rather than waiting for the last minute to pick an outfit or get extra copies of your resume. This helps you be ready for the interview even on short notice. Deciding in advance reduces anxiety before the interview and also saves you from using your brainpower.


  1. Be on time – Reaching the venue of the interview early does not cause any harm. It is always a great idea to have buffer time in hand, in case anything goes wrong. Having a few extra minutes before the interview helps you calm down and be prepared for the interview.


  1. Stay Calm – During the interview, it is essential that you stay calm and relaxed. Interviewers don’t just hire you based on your answers but also look out for your body language. Staying calm helps you give your best answers and do so with confidence.

  1. Follow-up– It works wonders if you follow up with a thank-you note expressing your interest in the position. This must be done within twenty-four hours of the interview.